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Sikarin Hospital

Private Hospital, Bangkok

Sikarin Hospital Overview
Hospitals Overview / Summary:
Opened in 1993 Sikarin Hospital is now one of the leading acute care hospitals in the Eastern suburbs of Bangkok. Located on Srinakarin Road, Sikarin Hospital has 215 beds and provides full inpatient and outpatient services as well as 24 hour emergency services. Sikarin Hospital has been awarded Hospital Accreditation HA from the HQIA of the Ministry of Public Health as well as international certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14000, GMP and HACCP. Sikarin Hospital is owned and operated by Sikarin Public Company limited a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (ticker symbol: SKR) 
Language support:
Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese

Awards & Accreditations:
- HA
- ISO 14001
- ISO 9001

Sikarin Hospital Facilities & Services
Hospital Facilities:
Our private rooms at Sikarin Hospital have been designed with comfort and convenience in mind and to make you feel at home. Our VIP, Suite and Standard Rooms are beautifully decorated in warm shade with elegant wall covering to enhance the feeling of comfort. All rooms are equipped with televisions, Cable TV and nurse call stations. Room Service from our in house menu is available in all rooms as well.

Room Type & Facilities:
Suite Room   
Suite Room (BHT 6,000)
Extra Bed 1 (BHT 2,000)
Extra Bed 2 (BHT 1,500)
Thai Food (BHT 450)  
Western Food (BHT 600)  
Nursing Charges (BHT 1,100)      
VIP2 Rooms    
VIP2 Room (BHT 5,000)   
Extra Bed 1 (BHT 2,000)
Extra Bed 2 (BHT 1,500)
Thai Food (BHT 450)
Western Food (BHT 600)
Nursing Charges (BHT 1,100)

Superior Room 
Superior Room (BHT 3,500)
Extra Bed 1 (BHT 1,500)
Thai Food (BHT 450)
Western Food (BHT 600)
Nursing Charges (BHT 1,100)

VIP1 Room  
VIP1 Room (BHT 4,000)   
Extra Bed 1 (BHT 1,500)  
Extra Bed 2 (BHT 1,000)
Thai Food (BHT 360)
Western Food (BHT 600)
Nursing Charges (BHT 1,000)

Deluxe Room   
Deluxe Room (BHT 2,500)
Extra Bed 1 (BHT 1,000) 
Extra Bed 2 (BHT 700)
Thai Food (BHT 360)
Western Food (BHT 600)
Nursing Charges (BHT 1,000)

Single Room
Single Room (BHT 2,000)
Extra Bed 1 (BHT 1,000) 
Extra Bed 2 (BHT 700)
Thai Food (BHT 360)
Western Food (BHT 600)
Nursing Charges (BHT 1,000)

Three - bed Rooms (BHT 900)
Thai Food (BHT 360)
Western Food (BHT 600)
Nursing Charges (BHT 800)
Two – beds Rooms (BHT 1,400)
Thai Food (BHT 360)
Western Food (BHT 600)
Nursing Charges (BHT 800) 

Hospital Specialties / Departments:
Internal Medicine Department:
There are 10 Internal Medicine Diagnosis rooms, open for services from 07.00 – 22.00 hrs. with specialized physicians, covering every branch as follows:
-Internal medicine
-Allergy and Immunologist

Orthopedic Center:
Sikarin Hospital renovated the Orthopedic Surgery Center In 2008 with an aim to expand the service area and increase the number of diagnosis rooms, and providing more service facitities, as they are close to Emergency Room and next to Radiology Clinic. Currently, the Orthopedic Surgery Center opens 4 diagnosis rooms with 17 Orthopedic Surgeon working full time and part time.

Emergency and Trauma Center:
Sikarin Hospital is situated on a main road and is in a large residential community area. Medical treatment in emergency has therefore been a high potential for future growth. Today, the Hospital provides 4 surgical diagnostic rooms, Life Saving Emergency room with 2 beds, and 7 enclosed beds for patient diagnostics, and including a small surgery room, throughout 24 hours, with 22 full time and part time physicians consisting of:
-General Surgeon 
-Hand Surgeon
-Neuro Surgeon
-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Obstetrics - Gynecology Department:
Situated at the Sikarin Building 2, first floor with 6 diagnosis rooms, 6 full time and 10 part time obstetricians, with the following specialists:
-Obstetrics – Gynecologist
-Gynecological Oncologist
-Infertility Specialist

Children Center:
Children is one of patient group that continuously increase. In order to initiating a good relationship and responding to children’s imagination, the hospital established a project called Children Plus Program which modified the lobby to be a fantasy land. Also, we separately prepared areas for children patients and healthy children who come for vaccine injection and medical consulting. Presently, there are 11 diagnosis room in total with 7 full-time and 13 part-time pediatricians and will be open from 7 AM - 10 PM. After 10 PM, the hospital also has pediatrician on duty that would continue treatment. Therefore, it is possible to say that Sikarin Hospital provide a 24 hours service of pediatric treatment.
-General pediatrician
-Pediatric Neonatologist
-Pediatric Neurologist
-Pediatric Allergy and Immunologist
-Pediatric Cardiologist
-Pediatric Endocrinologist
-Child Development
-Pediatric Nephrologist
-Pediatric Hematologist
-Pediatric Pulmonologist
-Pediatric Gastroenterologist

Dentistry Department:
Dentistry Department is one of the clinics of Sikarin Hospital which are close to their full potentials. Presently, 7 diagnosis rooms are provided, and being another Center to be expanded in area to provide Dental services to cover all facets of Dental Services, with the following specialists:
-General Dentistry
-Pediatric Dentistry 
-Cosmetic Dentistry
-Periodontal Diseases
-Periodontal Surgery
-Root Canal Dentistry

Sikarin Aesthetic Center:
From the high innovation in medical technology, under control by team specialists, emphasizing standard and safe with the high technology of cosmetic surgery system, to exemplify a differences type of Laser which suitable for patients. All of these will launch a new energy to your entire face and body. 
Sikarin Aesthetic Center has a gorgeous and convenient area where make you feel comfortable and private in one stop service. A laser treatment and recovering room are now available which serve you warm atmosphere, friendly and pleasure for “Special Person” like you.

Eye Center:
Our Eye Center provides comprehensive Eye and optometry services including cataract evaluation and surgery, cornea and external eye diseases such as conjunctivitis.

Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Clinic: 
Located in our brand new facility our Otolaryngology clinic evaluates and treats patients who have ear, nose, throat, head and neck diseases or disorders. We also specialize in treating complex medical conditions involving the ear nose and throat. Special expertise is available for ear disease, hearing loss, nasal and sinus disease, congenital and acquired head and neck malformations or tumors, laryngeal problems including swallowing and voice abnormalities and airway problems. We also offer treatment and surgery for snoring and sleeping disorders.
Our Allergy clinic offers treatment for patients with allergies including seasonal Allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and other afflictions of the nasal and laryngeal tract.

Dialysis Clinic:
Our dialysis clinic provides treatment to patients suffering from renal disease, chronic renal failure and end stage renal disease. Our dialysis center is equipped with 13 dialysis machines and operating hours are from 6am-9pm daily.

Physio Therapy Clinic: 
Our Physiotherapy clinic is fully equipped to treat physical and rehabilitation conditions requiring physiotherapy.
Conditions treated in our clinic include: back and neck pain, sciatica, sports and dance injuries, work related upper limb disorders, postural problems, knee disorders, shoulder injuries, joint and muscle problems, whiplash injuries and repetitive strain injuries.

Treatment and techniques used include mobilization and manipulation, exercise prescription, posture correction, soft tissue massage and traction treatment.

Hydrotherapy Clinic: 
Sikarin Hospital is one of only 3 hospitals in Thailand equipped with an in house. Using hydrotherapy pool. This pool allows for a relaxing hydro massage using a controlled flow and temperature mechanism. Pool hours are from 7am – 8pm daily. 
Our program is supervised by experienced physicians and physiologists who can develop custom made programs for individual needs.

Sikarin Hospital Treatments
- Upper Blepharoplasty (US 440)
- Lower Blepharoplasty (US 440)
- Rhinoplasty Starting price (US 340)
- Cheek dimple (US 240)
- Lip Reduction (US 320/each part)
- Chin Augmentation (US 600)
- Prosthesis Breast Augmentation (US 2,400)
- Breast Lift and Breast Reduction (USA) (US 2,600)
- Face Lift (US 1,800)
- VASER Liposelection (US 2,000/each part)

Health Check Up Center:
Annual Health Check-up is becoming a popular trend, until it has become a necessity for those who wish to take preventive health care. Many hospitals employ their Health Centers as a strategy to attract customers to their services and build a continued relationship and become regular customers. The Health Center of Sikarin Hospital is on the second floor of Sikarin Building 2, designed for the convenience and privacy for persons who are not patients; the service area is therefore clearly separated from the common area of patients. The service area counts approximately 900 square meters in order to meet the services of individual health check-up and group check up.

Check Up Program:
Annual Check Up Programs (Male)
- Program A (BHT 3,500)
- Program B (BHT 5,000)
- Program C (BHT 7,000)
- Executive Program (BHT 10,000)

Annual Check Up Programs (Female)
- Program A (BHT 3,900)
- Program B (BHT 5,400)
- Program C (BHT 7,800)
- Executive Program (BHT 12,800)
Sikarin Hospital Location
Sikarin Hospital Photos
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