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Laser Hair Removal

By Raven Hanson
APEX Profound Beauty (Bangkok)

"Hello! I’m Raven Hanson, an international model, writer and radio show host.  Being of Englis...

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Pinklao Clinic

Specialist Clinic, Bangkok

Pinklao Clinic Overview
Specialist Clinics Overview / Summary:
Pinklao Clinic is a beauty center providing many kinds of surgery services to customers. At Pinklao Clinic we have a number of professional doctors available to give you the best solutions to your problem. Through our qualified specialists, together with the most advanced technology available, we ensure our clients excellent, safe services and the results that they desire.
Language support:
Thai, English, Japanese, Arabic

Awards & Accreditations:
U.S.A Food and Drug Administration

Pinklao Clinic Facilities & Services
Room Type & Facilities:
Modern designed. There are a variety of well selected hi-technology treatments and medical services provided for customers in each treatments room. Customers always feel relax while receive our treatments.

Clinic Facilities:
We provide easy listening music, comfortable sitting area, books, magazines.

Hospital Specialties / Departments:
We have 3 departments which are: Laser Department, Facial Treatment Department, Body Department

Pinklao Clinic Treatments
-IPL (Fotorejuvenation) (BHT 5,000)
-Polaris / Gentle YAG(Rejuvenation) (BHT 6,000)
-Botox (BHT 6,000)
- Filler (BHT 15,000)
- Hair removal Laser (BHT 1,500)
- Lifting by  Ultherapy (BHT  80,000)
- Freckle, mole, wart
- Acne, Melasma, dark spot
- Facial Treament
- Fat Reduction
Pinklao Clinic Location
Pinklao Clinic Photos
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Pinklao Clinic Videos
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