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Holistic Medical Centre

Specialist Clinic, Bangkok

Holistic Medical Centre Overview
Specialist Clinics Overview / Summary:
Thailand’s most recognized modern holistic medicine clinic, HMC, was the first facility in Bangkok to offer a fully integrated range of medical services designed to restore your health as well as rejuvenate the body and the mind.  
Our Thai-Licensed physicians and support team creates personalized wellness strategies by combining the best of modern holistic. medicine with the highest standards expected from your general practitioner.  

Holistic Medical Centre is a dedicated centre of excellence in South East Asia for alternative medicine and holistic healing. The premise of our philosophy is that nature's way of dealing with illnesses and diseases are often better in terms of effectiveness than invasive methods of surgery and pain management. Holistic medicine or alternative medicine is about understanding the causes of these diseases and addressing the re-balance of our body internal systems so that our immune system can remain strong. When our immune system is strengthened, we can ward off pathogens and eliminate toxins in our body effectively. Thus, our efforts go beyond relieving a symptom as we believe that treating a symptom without understanding the cause will not result in a definitive cure.
Language support:
Thai, English

Holistic Medical Centre Facilities & Services
Room Type & Facilities:
Luxury designed as if you are being treated in the 5 stars hotel.

Clinic Facilities:
Once customers enter into our clinic, they will feel like they are being served in the five-star hotel. We use nature's way of dealing with illnesses and diseases.

Holistic Medical Centre Treatments
Holistic Medical Centre Treatment Programs:
1. Detoxification
- Chelation Therapy:  The word “Chelation” comes from the Greek root word “chelos” meaning “to grab”.  Chelation therapy at HMC utilizes a variety of substances that are introduced into the body, either through a vein or with supplements that chelates or grabs a hold of substances in the body that should not be there.  For many, this procedure removes heavy metals, toxins and other substances that may clog the blood vessels.  Your personal physician may prescribe a course of chelation therapy depending upon your unique needs.
- Colon Hydro Therapy:  Colon Hydro Therapy uses the time-tested method of cleansing the colon through the gentle passage of warm water.  HMC uses the best modern equipment and professionally-trained healthcare experts to conduct this painless procedure.
 -Hyperthermia:  Hyperthermia is a therapy utilized for years to boost the immune system and aid in the body’s ability to fight infections and accelerate detoxification.  

2. Immune Boosters
- Vitamin C Infusion:  Vitamin C is administered intravenously in higher doses to boost your immune system.
- H.O.T. :   Haematogenous Oxidation Therapy or HOT is a treatment conducted by withdrawing a small quantity of your blood and mixing it with a small amount of active oxygen.  This has a powerful stimulating effect on the immune system.

3. Acupuncture
Acupuncture is an ancient holistic method of getting well and staying well.  Modern research increasingly demonstrates many health  benefits of Acupuncture and other components of Traditional Chinese  Medicine, including herbal medicine and exercises like Chi Gung and  Tai Chi.

At Holistic Medical Centre our healthcare team will always recommend  the best care for you, be modern integrative therapy or perhaps,  Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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Holistic Medical Centre Overview
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