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"My first implant at "RATCHADA DENTAL"

By Pierre CHATEL
Ratchada Dental Center

"Just got my first implant at "RATCHADA DENTAL" the procedure was intimidating but Doctor lani has been great ...

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Pinklao Clinic (Carrefour Ladprao)

Specialist Clinic, Bangkok

Pinklao Clinic (Carrefour Ladprao) Overview
Specialist Clinics Overview / Summary:
Pinklao Clinic is a beauty center providing many kinds of surgery services to customers.  At Pinklao Clinic we have a number of professional doctors available to give you the best solutions to your problem.

Through our qualified specialists, together with the most advanced technology available, we ensure our clients excellent, safe services and the results that they desire. 
Language support:
Thai, English, Japanease, Arabic

Our branches:
- Pinklao Clinic
- Pinklao Clinic (Amarin Plaza)
- Pinklao clinic (Central Town Rattanatibet)

Pinklao Clinic (Carrefour Ladprao) Facilities & Services
Hospital Specialties / Departments:
Laser Department
Facial Treatment Department
Body Department

Pinklao Clinic (Carrefour Ladprao) Treatments
- Tattoo Removal   
- Leg Vein 3 times (BHT 20,000)

Hair Removal:
( Discount 50% )
- Cheek  One time (BHT 3,000)  / 4 times (BHT 9,000) 
- All Face One time (BHT 6,000)  / 4 times (BHT 18,000) 
- Axillar One time (BHT 3,000)  / 4 times (BHT 9,000) 
- Moustache One time (BHT 2,000)  / 4 times (BHT 6,000) 
- Chin One time (BHT 3,000)  / 4 times (BHT 9,000)
- Beard One time (BHT 9,000)  / 4 times (BHT 27,000)
- Bikini Line One time (BHT 3,000)  / 4 times (BHT 9,000)
- All Bikini One time (BHT 6,000)  / 4 times (BHT 18,000)
- Arm ( upper ) One time (BHT 10,000)  / 4 times (BHT 30,000)
- Arm ( lower ) One time (BHT 10,000)  / 4 times (BHT 30,000)
- Leg ( upper )  One time (BHT 30,000)  / 4 times (BHT 90,000)
- Leg ( lower ) One time (BHT 20,000)  / 4 times (BHT 60,000)

 IPL (Fotorejuvenation):
- All Face + Ionto + Phono One time (BHT 5,000
- All Face + Ionto + Phono 5 times (BHT 20,000)

Polaris / Gentle YAG (Rejuvenation):
Relax F (Face Lift)
- All Face + Ionto + Phono One time (BHT 6,000)
- All Face + Ionto + Phono 5 times (BHT 25,000)

Laser :
- Co2, Ruby, Nd YAG Freckle, Mole etc.  

Relax F (Meso + Co2 + Cellulite) , (Body Contouring) 
- Lower Abdomen 8 times (BHT 18,000) 
- Abdomen + Waist 8 times (BHT 30,000) 
- Thighs 8 times (BHT 30,000)  
- Hip  8 times (BHT 18,000) 
- Chin + Cheek  8 times (BHT 18,000) 
- Arms  8 times (BHT 18,000) 

- Forehead (BHT 8,000) 
- Crows feet (BHT 8,000) 
- Frown (BHT 6,000) 
- Facial Contouring (BHT 12,000) 

- Nasolabial Fold (BHT 12,000 / tube)

Thermage ( Non surgical Face Lift ):
- Face or Neck ( 400 shots ) (BHT 60,000) 
- Face & Neck ( 600 shots ) (BHT 70,000)

- AHA  One time (BHT 200)  / 10 times (BHT 1,500)
- IONTO  One time (BHT 300)  / 10 times (BHT 2,500)
- Sonolift (Phono) One time (BHT 500)  / 10 times (BHT 4,000)
- Micro Crystal One time (BHT 800)  / 12 times (BHT 8,000)
Pinklao Clinic (Carrefour Ladprao) Location
Pinklao Clinic (Carrefour Ladprao) Photos
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Pinklao Clinic (Carrefour Ladprao) Videos
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